90 Days To A Life That Works For Me

If you have read my About Me page entitled, Meet Your Devoted Friend, then you already know that I am a hard-working Mommy and partner who has been battling cancer and struggling to find balance and joy in life. After nearly 8 months of climbing this hill, I am going to do something about it.

I want to scale mountains, have a clean and perfectly organized home, speak a dozen languages, rid the world of poverty, be cancer free, be the world's most amazing mother, but I can't be any of those things until I joyfully take my first steps, without expectation or judgement.

What's Not Working?

For starters, I am not a fan of my weight and overall physical condition, but that's nothing surprising considering my cancer diagnosis. I am working and make a reasonable salary at my two and a half part time jobs, but it's not enough to pay down my medical bills and save money so we can purchase a small family home. I don't feel like I spend enough time with DH, Wee-One, or any family/friends. I tend to get overwhelmed easily by the ever-expanding "To Do" list. But now, I'm fed up...

Rules of the 90 Day Challenge

  1. Post for 90 Continuous Days. I love writing, and blogging gives me a sense of accountability. Most days, I wake up in the morning, excited to post about a new idea or recipe, but don't because I woke up too late and ruined my plan. No more, 90 days chronicling my step-by-step journey towards a happier me.
  2. Each Day Represents 1 New (Positive) Habit or Task to Complete. i.e. Drink 1 gallon of water per day, or Organize and Purge Clothing.
  3. Choose Steps from All Areas of Life. My weight is an issue of great concern--particularly as it relates to my battle with cancer and my future well being--but it is not the only concern I have. Therefore, tasks and habits will also address personal finances, family, relationships, career, spirituality, health/wellness, or any other subcategory relevant to a quality life.
  4. Do NOT Move Backwards. Once I take a step forward on a new routine, task, etc... there is no going back.
  5. Accept My Learning Curve. Not every post will be a work of art, but I do expect my writing, editing, marketing, technique, and networking to improve with practice. I will aim to keep my posts between 500 and 1,000 words so as not to set an impossible bar. Although, if I stumble on a great topic, it will become a feature post later. Of course I reserve the right to edit whenever I get the notion.
Here's how I am starting:

I sat in front of this monthly calendar for 5 minutes and just listed a few of the small changes I would like to make in my life, putting them on the blog calendar as I did so. This helps me recognize which posts may turn into small series, and which ones may require another stand-alone article. Hmm, I definitely need to stand-alone post about these resources I'm using. *Sigh of relief* I'm finally working on my happiness.

What is your first step? 

Thank you for going on this journey with me.

Happy Reading,

Your Devoted Friend

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