Our Financial Situation

Money Update: 7/29/2016

The decision to make this a stand-alone page was not easy. But ultimately, I'm happy to open myself up to judgement and critique for two reasons: First, I want to learn and improve. And second, because I have nothing to hide. I'm not living this life to make money. I want security for my family, and we [my family and I] want to have enough money to help others.

HOUSING, total expense - $1,520/month
Mortgage [Townhouse Rental Property] - $720/month
Rent [Apartment] - $800/month

TRANSPORTATION, total expense - $200/month, averaged
Gas [assuming 1 tank of gas per car, per week] - $200/month

INSURANCE, total expense - $685/month
Home Insurance - $0/month (rolled into mortgage payment)
Health Insurance - $550/month
Dental Insurance - $40/month
Car Insurance - $95/month
Life Insurance - $0/month

UTILITIES, total expense - $830/month
Cell Phone (Sprint) - $130/month
Cable/Internet (town house) - $90/month
Water/Sewer (town house) - $25/month
Electricity (town house) $50/month

GROCERIES, total expense - $200/month maximum

DEBT, total expense - $160/month minimum
Credit Card # 1 (Sheetz card, for gas) - $35 minimum payment
Credit Card # 2 (Barclay, for computer purchase) - $30 minimum payment
Credit Card # 3 (Bank of America, for anything else) - $95 minimum payment

SAVINGS, total expense - $125/month average
Emergency Fund - $25/week, plus "Keep the Change" program
Retirement - $0/week
Other Investments - $0/week
Spending Cash - $0/week

MISCELLANEOUS, total expense - $20/month
Netflix - $10/month
Gym Membership - $10/month

TOTAL BUDGETED EXPENSE: $3,125/month minimum

Don't know if this helps you create your own monthly budget, but it helps me to list all of my expenses.

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